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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Neighbor’s Dog Has Severe Skin Reaction!

A few days ago, I walked over to my neighbor’s to meet her new dog Lily. She is a white Bull Dog who weighs 50 pounds. Lily was friendly and came right to me to say “Hello.” I noticed that she was rubbing herself on the grass and was getting more and more frantic.

My neighbor picked her up and her entire stomach and chest area was covered with red bumps. She told me that she had given Lily a bath with her own human shampoo the day before and I told her that might be the cause. The dog was getting more and more frantic.

I ask if they had sprayed anything on the grass, fertilizer, anything, and she said they had not. I suggested that we give her another bath right away with a shampoo that I had that is made for puppies, is tearless and is made with Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5. The important thing was to wash off any residue that might have been left from the human shampoo the day before, and the Chamomile and Aloe Vera would sooth the skin.

I came back to the house and got a container of Aloe Vera Juice (which I feed to my dogs) and took it to her. She had already bathed Lily again and she was a good bit calmer. I told her to put some Aloe Juice in a cup, dip cotton pads in it and dab it all over Lily and to keep doing it from time to time. She asked me if she should take Lily to the Vet, and since she does not use a Homeopathic Vet, I told her “No,” that a regular Vet would just give her prednisone or cortisone, and that would just suppress what the body was trying to do. The dog had come in contact with something that she was having a severe reaction to, and it was trying to eliminate it though the organ of the skin. We wanted to give it a chance to come out and the body to heal itself, and not suppress it and drive it deeper into the body.

She came over the next day to report on Lily. She was doing fine and they were continuing to put the Aloe Juice on her to sooth her.

We started to look for what may have caused this event. They had not sprayed the house or the yard for any reason. They were feeding her what she was accustomed to; she had not washed her bedding in a new detergent. She had not washed her food or water bowl in anything different. We kept going back to the food issue, since so many allergies are food related. Suddenly she remembered that she had bought some “no name” dog biscuits at one of the “super stores” and had given her two the night before and two the morning of the outbreak. Without having the bag for us to see the ingredients, she did remember that the first three ingredients where some form of wheat, and we know that all regular dry food has preservatives. Many people and dogs are allergic to wheat, wheat products, and we know that preservatives are bad for our dogs and can cause skin allergies.

So, we will probably never really know what caused the reaction that Lily had, but we can be pretty sure that it was something in the dog biscuits and/or the human shampoo. My neighbor threw the dog biscuits away and is buying a brand name gentle shampoo made for dogs. She is also seriously thinking about changing Lily’s diet over to more natural foods, now that she can see one of the consequences of feeding a low quality commercial processed dog food.

This is just one of many conditions that can be avoided by feeding the natural, raw whole foods diet. I will continue to work with my neighbor to educate her even more to the benefits for the Naturally Healthy Dog.