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This is a blog for dog guardians who would like to learn or share more about the natural feeding and treatment of their dogs. We will discuss the species appropriate Raw Diet and Alternative Health Treatments.

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Currently working on the first book in "The Naturally Healthy Dog Series." The first book will concentrate on diet and nutrition for our dog companions. I currently have three Papillons, and also do daycare and boarding of other Papillons. I have had Papillons for 30 years and have shown them in dog shows to their Championships. I am also a member of the National Center for Homeopathy and a Professional Member of The Animal Wellness Association.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Why I Became Interested In Alternative Treatments and The Raw Diet

I'm sure that for all of us, the well-being of our dogs is very important. I know that for me, they are my furry, four-legged children. I have three Papillons at the present and previous to that, I had two Papillons over a span of 26 years. My first one, Button, died at a young age of 9 years and I was determined to have the second one, Phoenix, for 20 years.

That is when I started looking at other alternative treatments and diet. Phoenix was treated homeopathically from the beginning, and I don't think she had antibiotics more than five times in her life. She was a beautiful tri-colored Papillon that I showed to her Championship. The Vet I was using at that time was just beginning to study homeopathy and traveling to England in order to do so. At that time, not many breeders were using a raw diet, but were preparing their own cooked diets for their dogs. I did the same and as a result, my precious Champion Phoenix was active and alert for 17 years.

When I received Digit four years ago, her breeder had been feeding the raw diet for over 15 years, and I have embraced the raw diet and plan to have my "girls," Digit, Pip and Squeeze, for many years. I am very close to my dogs, and because they are a toy breed, they are with me all the time. This gives me the opportunity to watch them closely, be able to have fun with them and at the same time observe their health.

I feel compelled as a dog "guardian" to introduce other dog lovers to information about the Raw Diet and Homeopathy and other Alternative Treatments. That is the main reason for this Blog and I welcome your questions and input on these subjects.

When we fall in love with our dogs, we know that there are only a limited number of years that we will have them. This Blog, and the book series that I am working on, is for all of us who want to increase the quality of those years, and along the way, have the happiest, healthiest dogs possible. We are their guardians and it is our duty and privilege to make their lives the best possible while we are blessed to have them.


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